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Top 5 Tidbits of “Out of the Box” Branding Advice

1. First Impressions Matter. (AKA the importance of having a kick-ass Home Page)

These days, your online presence is arguably the most important source of brand identity and recognition. Your website is the first thing many customers will engage with relating to your business. Therefore, your Home Page is your one chance to make a first impression. Make sure that it has the right style and content to relay your brand goals and message.

2. A little brand consistency goes a long way.

For branding, there is one golden rule – be consistent. Your message as well as your visual brand should be consistent across all platforms (this includes print/web/marketing, etc). This assists in brand identity and will help reinforce your business' purpose and character. Clean, simple elements are more likely to be recognized and remembered by customers, so steer clear of overcomplicating your company’s logo and other branded elements.

3. Creativity can be a differentiator.

It’s almost impossible to find a marketplace that isn’t crowded anymore, so you have to try to stand out from the competition to be remembered by customers. Don’t be afraid to be innovative, bold and daring!

4. Think about where your business comes from and adjust your marketing efforts and budget accordingly.

There are lots of avenues for both paid and unpaid marketing. Stop and take a look at where your last 10 jobs or projects came from. THAT is where you should be putting your marketing efforts. If you are spending your company’s time and money on other opportunities, I suggest you stop right now and redirect.

5. If you have a budget (even a really small one), hire a pro.

Time is an extremely limited resource for a small business. And you should be spending that precious time doing what you do best! With the increased availability of freelancers and small creative businesses, hiring a professional graphic designer can be very affordable and the pricing, duration, etc. can all be flexible to fit your needs and budget.

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