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Miraglia Associates, The QuickBooks Experts

  1. Translation of accountantise into small business speak, helping you understand what you need for your taxes as well as what you need to know to run your business.

  2. Monthly Reconciliations to keep your books up to date so you are no longer driving your business through the rear view mirror. Bookkeeping is NOT just so you can give your income and expenses to your accountant at year end to do your tax return.

  3. Financial report review to give you insight to the story these reports are telling.

  4. Give you a clear roadmap of where your business financials are headed.

  5. Focus on saving time and money while enabling you to make educated decisions for business health and growth.

  6. Help you discover profit improvement opportunities so you can keep more of what you make

  7. Make tax time less taxing.

  8. Help improve cash flow reporting so you can track and respond to issues sooner rather than later

  9. Accelerate your accounts receivable collections

  10. Identify “money leaks” and provide suggestions for how you can plug these leaks

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