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The Intuitive Woman: Top 5 Tips To Live a Life Spiritually and On Purpose

1. Keep Learning: Be able to be a student in self discovery and shift your mindset. As women we are faced with many changing landscapes. Children growing, parents aging, moving, careers, health, etc. Allowing a sense of curiosity to be willing to learn something new as well as see within oneself and make the appropriate shifts.

2. Listening: Our inner voice, or intuition always knows whats best for us. Get quiet in

nature, meditation or prayer will enhance this sense. It is there for everyone to tap in to.

3. You Are Good Enough: So many women have the imposter syndrome. Compare and

despair. WE are ALL Good Enough and worthy of all that life has to offer.

No one will ever be YOU. You are unique and one of a kind.

4. Raise Your Vibration: Look at who you hang around with? Who do you talk or text often?

Are these people healthy in your life? If they tend to be a Debbie Downer, look at ways to minimize interaction. Surround yourself with people that are positive, uplifting and believe in your dreams.

5. Be Willing To Get or Receive Help: Don’t try to do it alone. Seek out a mentor, teacher or healer. We all need someone to support us and prosper our spiritual growth. Maybe its a Reiki Master, Intuitive/Medium, Healer, Yoga Teacher or Meditation Teacher. Find the resources that will be valuable.

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