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Stacee Mandeville

Red Leaf Coaching

“Be wise, but speak the language of the people.”

–W.B. Yeats

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Why did you start your business?

I had been told again and again that I have a refreshing, no-nonsense approach to consulting. While I don't claim to have a secret, a gimmick, or a new method, what I do offer is common sense techniques and communication skills training delivered in a way that clients can actually use. I felt I would be able to help people and businesses in ways other consultancies fall short.

Biggest Achievement so far.....

Being tagged as “Official Coach” for Swap the Biz, a high-end NYC Business Networking Group.

Social Links
New York, NY
Greatest Lesson Learned....

Just start. You’ll never be ready.

Person, Place or Thing that inspires you

Nature. When I get stuck, I go for a walk. Trees and birds and water reset my brain. In good weather, I go out and dig in my garden.

Words to Foster others....

Do you feel anxiety before a big presentation? Change your mind and your body will listen. Tell yourself the butterflies, sweating, etc. are there to help you. Say, "Yes, I'm feeling a rise in energy; that's what I should feel...and I know how to use that energy to my advantage."

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