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Odellia Fischer

Take OFF Travel

"Eat well, travel often, laugh a lot."

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Why did you start your business?

I started my business for practical reasons; I wanted to show my kids the world just as I had seen it growing up, and to make some more money for my family. My passion for traveling fuels from my experiences throughout my childhood, but everyone knows that traveling can be very costly. I started my business in hopes to fund my travel addiction, and to show others the experiences that the world can offer. Not only that, but I wanted to make a supplemental income where I can prove to my husband and kids that I can support a family in ways that I might have never imagined.

Biggest Achievement so far.....

My job has given me a sense of purpose. Being a mom I never have actually done what I wanted to do, but now I can say that I am following my passion. I know that no matter what happens with my business, whether I make $1 or $1 million, I am always proud of what I have accomplished because I know in my heart that I have worked for it.

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Greatest Lesson Learned....

Learn and grow from each client and each experience. There are always going to be changes. There is always more to do, and you are always going to have to do more; no matter how satisfied you are.

Person, Place or Thing that inspires you

Hayley Foster, my parents, my dads love of travel, my kids, and my family. My dad has made travel an important part of my life and inspires me more and more to make it an important part of every life that surrounds me. Tel Aviv also inspires me. It have always been my favorite places to travel and I have my favorite memories there. My goal is to be able to pay for my families trip to Tel Aviv with my own supplemental income. That would be awesome.

Words to Foster others....

Plan, produce, and make time to make memories!

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