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Meredith (Merry) Masson

Made By Merry NY

"There is no greater gift than to feed those you love." ~ Merry M.

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Why did you start your business?

To me, Food is Love. My passion for cooking began in grad school while working in various restaurants in NYC. I adored the hustle bustle of the kitchen, the aromas of the exquisite cuisine, and the joy on people’s faces as they indulged in something divine. With a background in graphic design, I discovered that food, much like art, had the ability to evoke intense passion and emotion. There began my love affair with food. I happily catered all family gatherings and began cooking privately on the North Shore of Long Island.

Prior to the pandemic, I was the founder of Little Core Yoga, teaching yoga and meditation to children in schools and privately on Long Island. Before I taught Build-a-Board Workshops to budding charcuterie artists, I taught Mindfulness Workshops to tiny tots through teens, practicing asana poses as opposed to stylizing cheese. Then the world shut down, and so did Little Core.

Thankfully, I have been creating charcuterie for years. It was only natural that in June of 2022, my passion for art, food, and meditation culminated in the birth of Made by Merry NY, where guests are invited to tune in to build their own cracker topped delicacy. An act in food meditation and a practice in mindfulness, our boards transport you to the present moment, for a deeper and richer dining experience.

Why did I start my business? The Charcuterie Board brings people together. Magnificently delicious food prepared with intention and love has the miraculous power to create deep enjoyment, echoing the philosophy that a casual gathering of friends and family can be greatly enhanced by the presence of mind and the food that is served.

Biggest Achievement so far.....

Building something from nothing... a chunk of cheese and a dream.

Social Links
Syosset, New York
Greatest Lesson Learned....

There is no greater force than when women get together.

Person, Place or Thing that inspires you

James Wolf Masson, age 17, and Ivy Rose Masson, age 13.
The two halves to my heart, and my greatest teachers.

Words to Foster others....

Get "lost in the woods" at least once a week. Women have a deep connection with nature, especially with a sense of place. When we are cut off from the sense of belonging we find ourselves feeling lost. Surround yourself by nature and you will enjoy a more authentic rooted life once again.

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