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Jamie Banks

Change of Scenery LLC

Drive slow and enjoy the scenery -- drive fast and join the scenery. -- Douglas Horton.

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Why did you start your business?

After 20 years working for big established brands, I knew that I had something unique to say in women's fashion, and it wouldn't fit into an existing brand DNA. I wanted to serve the clear white space in the swim market for busy women aged 30-60 who need to move around easily all day, but shouldn't have to sacrifice being chic for comfort.

Biggest Achievement so far.....

My children of course. But professionally, someone told me that so few women can say that they started a business and I think about that a lot. It does feel like a huge achievement that this brand is a living, breathing, thing. And no matter what happens, I'm so proud to say that I've done it.

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Greatest Lesson Learned....

Don't do everything the way I've always done it for big companies. I have to take a hard look at each project, and prioritize for the current size and reach of my business, my budget and goals. Also, not to beat myself up for mistakes. It feels better to call it a learning tax and move on bigger and better for it!

Person, Place or Thing that inspires you

My husband. He is my biggest cheerleader, but he also amazes me every single day for being able to put work aside and laser focus on our family and special time together.

Words to Foster others....

Learn to celebrate the small wins.

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