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Jacqueline (Jack) Perez

Kuel Life

Be The Kind Of Woman That When Your Feet Hit The Floor Each Morning The Devil Says "Oh Crap She's Up"

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Why did you start your business?

In my 50s, I began to notice the ‘disappearing act’ of relevant, useful, information and opportunities for women my age. Outside of a barrage of marketing messages that we should be using botox, fillers, or cut our hair short; there didn’t seem to be much. Vibrant, energetic, at the ready for adventure, I was dismayed that most lifestyle websites target the ‘below 35’ age group. The few ‘age appropriate’ lifestyle websites I stumbled across were riddled with advertisements; making it near impossible to determine where the content ended and the marketing began. Enter Kuel Life. As a pro-aging champion, I am on a quest to normalize aging. After all, we ALL really want to.... age, that is.

Biggest Achievement so far.....

Well, making, teaching, and empowering a human from zero to 19.... I have a son. That said, creating a business from scratch has been a fairly big achievement as well. Taking Kuel Life from an idea roaming around in my head to an actual, physical entity, that other women can access and benefit from... well, that's pretty KUEL, if I say so myself.

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Greatest Lesson Learned....

Patience.... but not too much. What does that mean? What I've learned, over the last three years, is that in the day to day of it all, it pays to GO -go with your message, go with your revised website, go with your new idea (most of the time before I am really ready). However, at the 50,000 foot level, it's important for me to exercise patience and allow the business to flourish and grow, organically. It's working. I just need to stay the course.

Person, Place or Thing that inspires you

The ocean. There is something about standing in front of a large body of water, with it's rhythm and vast expanse, that quickly centers and grounds me. It's my happy place.

Words to Foster others....

Ask for help. We don't need to go this alone. My entire business has been built through collaboration efforts with other women who feel passionate about normalizing aging. Find your people. They are out there. They are waiting for you to ask them. Don't cheat them out of the opportunity.

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