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Heidi Karagianis

Daniel Gale Sotheby's International Realty

I give thanks for this day, and I awaken grateful. I begin with an attitude of gratitude, and I give thanks for the infinite opportunities that are available to me. For I know that as I rise, I am.

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Why did you start your business?

I started out of necessity. Just received my first clean cancer report after a 7 year battle and my husband lost his job. My friend was looking for a home and said she'd use me if I got my license.

Biggest Achievement so far.....

Being in the Top 8 of 2 major companies for the past 5 consecutive years.

Social Links
Port Washington, NY
Greatest Lesson Learned....

Don't chase what makes you unhappy. If they don't want you, they don't deserve you.

Person, Place or Thing that inspires you

The water. No matter what is happening, the water grounds me and gives me a sense of peace.

Words to Foster others....

Always be authentic and true to yourself. Consistency is everything.

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