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Erica Zimmerman Aitken

BeFit Therapy

Don't stumble over something behind you.

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Why did you start your business?

I knew for a long time that I wanted to be a Physical Therapist. In High School, loved sports and athletics. I also had a love for medicine and then found that I could combine the two. After working for 2 other practices over the course of 6 years, I realized that there were things I wanted to do differently and to put my own spin on things by being more inventive and using hands-on types of treatments.

Biggest Achievement so far.....

My biggest achievement has been the opportunity to start my office locally in Port Washington and to build a practice here. I love working with people I know and offering my services to this community, especially after leaving a NYC location where I had been practicing for so many years.

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Port Washington, NY & New York, NY
Greatest Lesson Learned....

You are constantly learning something new. Hard work is always a part of the journey, no matter what stage you're at.

Person, Place or Thing that inspires you

The people that have taught me over the years are people I admire and have learned so much from.

Words to Foster others....

If you have a dream, follow it, don't give up, even if it seems unattainable at the time. If it's something you're truly passionate about, it will have a way of working out.

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