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Dara Crecco

Plandome Speech and Language

It costs nothing to be kind

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Why did you start your business?

After working in the Early Intervention program for almost 20 years, I wanted to take the knowledge and experience I had gained all of those years and branch out on my own to help the children and families in this community.

Biggest Achievement so far.....

There is no greater achievement in this job than a child making progress and the gratitude from their families. I often tell people, these children become almost like our own. I want them to succeed and believe that they can. So when it happens, it is a great feeling.

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Manhasset, NY
Greatest Lesson Learned....

The greatest lesson I have learned is that everything happens for a reason, find that reason and learn from it.

Person, Place or Thing that inspires you

My family. They are my strength and inspire me to push myself and do better everyday.

Words to Foster others....

When you are kind to others, it changes the way you think. What you do makes a difference and you have to decide what kind of difference you want to make.

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